Sunday, December 11, 2016




       What Is God?

As we suppose that who have power to change the word
in a second that is god. In older time Human believe That
                    Lighting, Rain, Sun,Moon,Fire etc.

    That event man knows that this one is God because     This all Event main have power to destroy or help full for live  


Now a days human believe many God and we have many name of God.
I thing  That God is only.
That was true
live in true life
live like Tight.

 What Energy have in the world
 live with you so believe in true.

            Eyes never maked beautifully without tear,
                   Happiness values come from pain,

             Get everything by marking wish,
           Not remain God values in the world.

                            I have a question for you ?

Why hindu believe that in sugarcane God laxmi live ? 

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